“A Network of friends, inspired by Gospel Values,
growing in holiness and building a more just world through
 personal relationships with, and service to people in need.”

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  • (Includes 175th Anniversary Book & Coin)


(Please note that all sessions will take place in Central Time Zone)

Wednesday, March 3

  • The pandemic of 2020 taught us that we must be prepared for all types of disasters. Learn how your Council can effectively prepare and respond during a Disaster. Disaster Services Corporation’s CEO Elizabeth Disco-Shearer, COO Kevin Peach , and Chief Program Officer Anthony Pluchino will provide an innovative webinar with a tabletop exercise. All attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion for their attendance. Registration is required.

  • (Vendor Presentations followed by Q&A Sessions)
    Separate Registration, go to:

  • Introduction of Stores Committee
    Committee Purpose
    Introduce new National Director of Stores Support, and updates

  • Dealing with COVID Issues relating to Stores
    Use of Drop Boxes for Revenue Generation
    New Store Opening/Closing Policies
    How to drive sales - New Store Opening Manual
    Open Q & A

  • (By Invitation Only)

Thursday, March 4

  • (Foundation Board Members Only)

  • Includes a presentation by Ray Sickinger on the first 175 years of the Society in the United States.

  • (Make selection below, please keep in mind that not all regions will be meeting, only select your region if it is listed below)

Friday, March 5

Spiritual Retreat, Fr. Jerry Kaywell Sacred Heart Catholic Parish, Punta Gorda

Father Jerry was an award-winning professional musician, composer, and producer of television and film before his ordination to the priesthood. He has two great passions in life: God and music – in that order. Father Jerry is experiencing a wholeness of being in his priesthood beyond what he ever hoped for. Striving to love God above all continues to be his daily enterprise – and neighbor as well as self – is his gospel rule of life.

  • “Hear invited guest speakers from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) review the current public policy advocacy positions from our nation’s Bishops, with emphasis on the current pandemic environment and our faith’s ongoing concern for our neighbors in need. This will include both domestic and international advocacy priorities. Hear how you can help make a difference through personal and collective, local and national Catholic advocacy efforts.”

    Presented by: Michael O'Rourke, Director of the Office of Domestic Social Development at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Michael is a lawyer, and before joining the Conference, he practiced law at a firm and clerked for a judge in Washington, D.C. Michael received a J.D. from Georgetown Law Center and a B.A. from Harvard University.

  • Ray Sickinger & the Leadership Task Force

    Many Conferences and Councils struggle with what we call “succession planning.” In this workshop we will present some proven strategies and practical steps to proactively find candidates for leadership. Just as importantly, we will also discuss how those candidates can reflect and discern the call to servant leadership for themselves. There will be relevant materials provided and an opportunity to ask questions.

  • How a Council or Conference should operate within our Rule, Mission, and Resolutions and consistent with the wishes of our pastors and (arch)Bishops while also being in compliance with State and Federal law. This includes working together with other Vincentian and non-Vincentian organizations.

  • COVID-19 has created immense challenges for the Society’s Systemic Change work and the neighbors we serve. At the same time, the pandemic has laid bare the deep structural inequalities that exist, making the need for Systemic Change even more urgent. Come learn about the important progress our Systemic Change programming has made over the last year, and brainstorm ideas to address the challenges that lie ahead.

Saturday, March 6

  • Will include a presentation on the new International "Safeguarding" policy, and how it impacts us.

  • The workshop will cover Housing & Homelessness Services during the Pandemic, and 2019-2020 SVdP Housing Survey Results.

  • The Growth & Revitalization Committee hosts a webinar series twice a month as an opportunity to share ideas and best practices in a progressive and beneficial experience for all attendees. These webinars have been very well attended with helpful discussions among attendees. This workshop will present some of what the committee members have learned by sharing the webinars' focus and setup, as well as attendees' contributions and feedback.

  • All Conferences and Councils are expected to have annual Formation Plans. It can be tough to come up with one, especially when you may have never even seen one before! What goes in it? What resources do I need? What goals do I set? Who can help me with this?

    In this workshop, we’ll share sample formation plans, talk about the many resources available, including the brand new guidelines for Conferences and Councils published by the National Formation Committee. This session will be especially helpful for Council and Conference Presidents, Spiritual Advisors, Formators, and Formation Coordinators. You may find out that creating a Formation Plan (and executing it) is a lot easier than you thought!

Sunday, March 7

  • This online virtual tour of Paris will highlight the places that will be visited on the Heritage Pilgrimage which is rescheduled for this September 2021. Ralph Middlecamp will give an overview of Paris today and yesterday visiting the places where Frederic Ozanam, Vincent de Paul, Rosalie Rendu, and Louise de Marillac lived, worked, and are now at rest. Even if you are not planning on traveling to Paris you will enjoy spending this hour exploring the Paris roots of our Society and the Vincentian Family.


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